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Volunteering is the coming together of people and resources to achieve something that can’t be provided by either of these elements alone. Without the caring and generous nature of people in the area of volunteerism, we would not have such a rich community life.
Volunteerism goes to the core of our community and the value we place on community togetherness. It can help reduce feelings of personal isolation, offer people skills, social contacts, support a greater sense of self worth. It can challenge the stereotypes we have about different social groups.
There exists at Pomona Community House a passion to harness the drive, enthusiasm, and the heart of volunteers, and connect people and their skills with the local community.
Each year, the Pomona community comes together to honour the work of volunteers. They maintain the vibrancy and caring nature of the town and its satellite communities. Volunteering can be an excellent way for newcomers to settle in, remain active and be connected.

There are myriad ways in which people can assist the many community groups in the Noosa hinterland towns of Pomona, Cooran, Kin Kin, Pinbarren and Federal.

Skills required vary, but can include people with book-keeping or tradespeople talented with their hands, or administrators. If you don’t think you have the necessary skills, think again. It doesn’t take much to direct traffic at the annual show, or work a couple of hours at one of the opportunity shops in town – apart from your valuable time, of course.

Pomona and District Community House can facilitate training for volunteers.

Our wonderful Volunteers getting together for a cuppa